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Promoting yourself as a lawyer and building a personal brand

Posted on Jan 27, 2016 by in Branding Lawyer |

When you think of the word “brand”, you would probably think about some of the most popular products of all sorts – food, beverages, mobile phones, cosmetics and much more. However, in modern days it is not rare that law firms also try and create their own brand, in order to be recognizable among their competition and to create a wide network of clients. Just like branding law firms is a common phenomenon, Branding lawyers as individuals in not a rare occurrence either.

Making your own personal brand has many advantages among your competition. First of all, it makes you recognizable among the others, which makes it more likely to attract new clients since you will stand out from the crowd. Secondly, creating a personal brand makes a positive impression on clients, thus forming a sense of trust they can develop towards you.

This sense of trust is especially stimulated if you prove yourself to be trustworthy and professional as a lawyer, and kind and helpful as a person. Then, creating a personal brand makes you not only stand out, but also be memorable, which enables the clients remember you and potentially return to you even after searching for other lawyers or law firms.

Creating a personal brand is a demanding task, but if you have a clear mission and vision as a lawyer and if you work on yourself and your public image, then you are very likely to successfully build your personal brand as a lawyer. Hereafter, we will provide you with several useful techniques to implement in order to successfully build your personal brand.

First of all, be unique. Think what is it that you could offer to your clients what they cannot get from other lawyers or law firms. Also, write a unique, catchy, interesting, yet professional biography. This is what will make you stand out and help you stay memorable to your clients. Then, be specific in your offers and stay consistent.

When building a brand, no matter if branding a company or building a personal brand, this will help you stay recognizable even after a long time, which will bring as a result a wider network of clients. Many lawyers decide to use the services of PR (public relations) agencies, since they can largely help in building better public image and presenting the lawyer in the media in the most positive light. Other than that, they can also help the lawyer publicly promote by giving them publicity. It is important that you promote in other ways as well, by buying online or other types of ads and placing them on law-related websites.

Being professional and building positive relationships with clients is also one of the key steps in building a personal brand, because it will bring you a wide network of satisfied users who will not only seek for your help whenever they need legal assistance, but they will also recommend you to other people, which will make your clients network broader as time goes by.

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